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Hello, and thank you for visiting! I'm Jen, the mama, dyer, maker, designer, and owner behind 
Laine and Lotus Fiber Co

I started crocheting when my son was just a baby (can you believe he is now in first grade?!), and I taught myself to knit a few years later. When I started out, I was just looking for something to keep me busy when my son napped. Something that didn’t involve housework. Something that was a bit of a creative outlet. Something that, dare I say, was just for me. While my first couple of projects weren't the greatest, I was instantly fascinated by the fact that with merely a hook and my two hands, I could turn yarn into something useful, functional, and most of all beautiful. And then began the obsession.

My first few attempts at knitting were even less successful than my early crochet projects. I thought, if I could ever get the hang of it, knitting  would always take a backseat to crochet. I persisted and failed, cussed and tried again. But now, I find myself reaching for my needles more often than my hooks *gasp*.

When I first began crocheting, I NEVER thought I would have what it took to become a designer, but the inspiration, support, and encouragement I received from fellow makers in the community gave me the courage to challenge myself and discover my inner designer.

My love of fiber has grown exponentially since my journey began, and the long held desire I had to dye my own yarn finally came to fruition. The freedom, creativity, and joy that I have found in dyeing has been unmatched by any other aspect of my maker journey. It has challenged me in ways that I never expected, and has allowed me to discover aspects of myself that had been long since forgotten.

Dyeing truly feels like where my business and I were destined to land, and I truly appreciate your support in making these dreams possible.


Jen ^

When your nails match your yarn 💁🏼‍♀️_
That Maker Life Tho
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