These beautiful antique bronze colored hexagon/honeycomb shaped metal stitch markers are the perfect knitting companion for your next project! The unique design helps to keep the marker from sliding under your yarn while knitting, and the smooth seamless construction glides along your needles without snagging your yarn. Available in three sizes (Small, Medium & Large)Each Set contains 5 stitch markers Small Hexi Stitch Markers:Fit up to a size US 10/6mm needle Measure approximately 10mm x 11mm Medium Hexi Stitch Markers:Fit up to a size US 15/10mm needleMeasure approximately 15mm x 17mm Large Hexi Stitch Markers:Shown on a size US 15/10mm neeedle but will fit largerMeaure approximately 20mm x 23mm

Hexi Stitch Markers