Sweater Quantity is here!


Sweater Quantities are a PRE-ORDER for two or more skeins of the same color way. Simply select your color way from the over 20 options, and choose your base. Yarn will be dyed to order and could take 2-3 weeks to be shipped out. Please note that not all color ways are available on all bases.


For a list and explaination of all bases please see the new "Bases" page from the main menu.


**Please DO NOT order single skeins through this option. Sweater Quantity is for TWO skeins or more of the same color way. If you are looking for an accent color for your sweater and I do not have the color in stock, please contact me prior to ordering a single skein of it through this option.


All yarn is hand dyed in small batches making each skein beautifully unique. Product photos are a representation of the skein that you will receive, but may not be the exact skein. Please note that even skeins in the same dye batch may vary in appearance. The colors of the skeins are represented as accurately as possible in these photos, however, actual colors may vary due to monitor settings, or lighting.


To keep consistency and avoid color pooling when knitting larger projects with hand dyed yarn, it is recommended that you alternate two separate skeins every row, or every two rows.


All yarns are dyed using professional acid dyes, or natural dyes when noted. Yarn is hand rinsed to the best of my ability, however, it is not uncommon for some light bleeding to occur during the first few washes, especially in darker or highly saturated colors. If bleeding is a concern, I recommend hand wash/rinsing your yarn according to the care instructions prior to beginning your project. 

Sweater Quantity

  • To keep your knits looking their best, it is recommended that you gently hand wash them using a wool wash or mild detergent and room temperature water. Never wring or rub your knits, simply remove excess water by blotting with a towel and air dry flat.