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 B - Sides

Welcome to my B - Sides Collection! All of the color ways in this collection are ONE OF A KIND (ooak)! These color ways are born in many different ways. The original B - Sides were the product of my adjusting to the flow of dyeing in my new studio, and inadvertently creating new ooak dye stocks simply by rinsing my tools in a fresh water bath. Additional B - Sides have, and will continue to join the collection in other ways. Some may be trial runs for new color ways, others may be skeins that took on a mind of their own in the dye pot; both meaning that you may eventually see a similar color way added to my regular line-up. However they have come about, B - Sides are fun ooak color ways that are NEVER going to be exactly duplicated, so if there is ever one you love I suggest grabbing it while you can because once they are gone, they are gone.

*Please note that color ways in this collection cannot be custom ordered or added to wholesale orders, they are truly one of a kind.

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